Project Management

At Rygate & West, we know that meticulous Project Management is key to successful land development projects.

The multifaceted team at Rygate & West specialise in the co-ordination of all aspects of your development.

Our services include:

- Rezonings

- Management of Subdivision Certificate process

- Coordination and supervision of land title registration process

- Site investigation analysis and subsequent appraisal

- Post-project advice and client support

- Procurement and financial management

- Coordination of specialist reports and the preparation of documentation for development approvals

- Identification and analysis of risks (financial and construction)

- Strategic value management studies

- Consultant selection, fee negotiation and appointment

- Design review, development appraisal and reporting

- Contract administration procedures

- Project Programming

- Tender coordination, review and evaluation

- Documentation control, record keeping and reporting

- Client representation

- Consultant team management

- Payment certifications

- Management of contract completion, commissioning and handover

Other Services

Rygate & West provide a range of services to deliver the best results possible for your next land development project.

Our multifaceted team have the skills, experience and equipment to ensure your project not only achieves technical success but in the most efficient way.

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