Established in 1893, Rygate & West are highly regarded specialists in Land Surveying, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience arguably unmatched on the South Coast of NSW.

Our team of Registered Surveyors and Survey Technicians are equipped with the latest generation survey equipment and software which allows us to deliver modern and efficient surveys to our clients.

Our services include:

- Detail & Contour Surveys

- Identification Surveys

- Boundary Surveys

- Subdivision & Redefinition Surveys

- Rural Subdivision

- Urban Subdivision

- Easement Plans

- Construction Surveys

- Drone Surveys

Other Services

Rygate & West provide a range of services to deliver the best results possible for your next land development project.

Our multifaceted team have the skills, experience and equipment to ensure your project not only achieves technical success but in the most efficient way.

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